Why do customers need Applications Quest?

In order for agencies, organizations and universities to remain competitive, a diversity of perspectives, opinions, and ideas is essential. The United States Supreme Court considered the educational benefits of diversity to be so compelling as to warrant its active promotion by schools in their admissions practices. The educational benefits of diversity are borne out by a wealth of studies. Admissions officers can achieve the same academic achievement levels with Applications Quest in a fraction of the time while obtaining a holistically diverse admissions class within the bounds of the law. Additionally, both government and private enterprises can benefit by using Applications Quest as a tool in their HR process to help with the efficient, fair and equitable selection of personnel.

Does Applications Quest sacrifice quality for diversity?

No. In several studies, when Applications Quest was compared to admissions committees, it was found that Applications Quest not only resulted in holistically more diverse admissions classes, but it also did so while achieving equivalent academic achievement levels as the admissions committee in a fraction of the time.

How complex is the implementation of Applications Quest into customer workflow?

Applications Quest can be integrated into organizations and institutions business process very easily and is flexible enough to take into account any variables necessary to tailor it to your requirements.